Book Review – A VISION OF ANGELS by Timothy Jay Smith

A Vision of Angels by Timothy Jay Smith

A Vision of Angels Synopsis A classic tragedy for a modern age… A terrorist attack planned for Easter Sunday in Jerusalem sets off a chain of events that weave together the lives of an American journalist, Israeli war hero, Palestinian farmer, and Arab-Christian grocer. Alerted to a suicide bomb plot, Major Jakov Levy orders the border […]

PUPPET SHOWS by Michael Frissore

Puppet Shows by Michael Frissore

Puppet Shows Synopsis A kindly organ grinder and his performing monkey adopt a young boy after his father spontaneously combusts; a barber living inside a whiskey bottle confronts the neighborhood nuisance who wields a dead squirrel like a pair of nunchucks; and an unruly gang of sock puppets are born in a basement dojo. Welcome […]

DON’T LOOK UNDER THE BED by Juan Jose Millas

Don't Look Under the Bed by Juan Jose Millas

Don’t Look Under the Bed Synopsis What goes on under your bed when the lights go out and you’re fast asleep? The Spanish best-seller Don’t Look Under The Bed is a novel quite unlike any that you’ve read before. Its impact will be felt by anyone who has ever, at any time in their life, felt […]