The Ready Feast – Guest Post by Jean Ryan, author of Survival Skills short story collection

Survival Skills by Jean Ryan

I recently had the pleasure of reading a short story collection titled Survival Skills written by Jean Ryan. From my review: ‘Survival Skills is one of the more unique offerings I have come across in my recent quest to read more short story collections. The collection consists of 13 standalone stories ranging from 6 to […]

Ed Fresh Editorial Services – Guest Post

Ed Fresh Editorial Services

  Hi. My name is Tony Ziemek. You may have noticed reviews I have written for Booklover Book Reviews. Just wanted to quickly let you know of a service I am now offering – Ed Fresh Editorial Services. This is a low cost editing service aimed at self-publishing authors. No matter how skilled we are […]

Stories Within Stories – Guest Post by Lise Sonntag, author of Significance

Significance by Lise Sonntag

The quiet debut of literary crime thriller Significance by Lise Sonntag belies the uniqueness and quality of this title (read my review). I asked Lise if she’d be willing to share with us what inspired her to write this novel and a little about her writing experience. To that end, today I have the pleasure of […]

Guest post at Bookkus Publishing – The Envious Reviewer

Bookkus Publishing are a new independent publisher based in Canada, who plan to initially focus on marketing ebooks to all English speaking countries (UK, USA, Canada, Australia) with a slightly different approach to the norm. They are hosting ‘A (vacant) Author/Reviewer Series‘ on their website to garner some interest from potential authors and reviewers. Some […]

Guest Post: NancyO explains her motivation for reading Aussie Authors


Over the last few weeks I have invited a few of the many participants in the Aussie Author Challenge 2010 to share with us their thoughts on Australian Authors.
Today I’d like to welcome NancyO to Booklover Book Reviews.

NancyO is the author of the 2010: The Year In Books blog, lives in the USA, is a great cook and dog lover. NancyO doesn’t always go for the blockbuster bestsellers, preferring to read intelligent crime fiction and literature. She chooses the books she reads very carefully and her reviews are in depth, frank and thought provoking.