The Book Thief Movie release

The Book Thief movie sheet

After many years of anticipation, The Book Thief movie is a reality. There is already debate as to whether it could be the sleeper in the Oscars race – early reviews have praised the performances of Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson. The film received its low-key world premiere at the Mill Valley Film Festival, in Northern […]

Booklover Bites – A Modern Classic, Book Titles and SEO, What Kind of Reader Are You?

Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

 I am not the only one that loved Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter and in particular the audiobook version – watch this short interview with narrator Edoardo Ballerini where he explains beautifully what is so special about this book and why it will be considered a modern day classic.  Authors and publishers should read ‘Book Titles and Search Engine Optimisation’ . […]

Booklover Bites – Favourite Thrillers With Strong Female Leads

Assassin by Tara Moss

What are your favourite thrillers with strong female leads? Book Riot asked readers this question recently and collated this reading list. I have only read two on this list, The Millenium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson (well this is actually three books) and The Informationist by Taylor Stevens, but would wholeheartedly agree with their inclusion.     I […]

Book Blogger Appreciation Week – What book blogging means to me


It is Book Blogger Appreciation Week and I have really enjoyed finding new book blogs to follow and reading everyone’s interviews. Today’s topic for discussion is What Does Book Blogging Mean To You? Booklover Book Reviews is my creative outlet. While my profession and career is very fulfilling, it is quite the opposite of artistic […]

Booklover Bites – When words become art

Curiosity - Nabokov

  I adore the artistic use of language, and sometimes on this blog wax lyrical about, what I term, ‘when words become art’. So when people take that theme and run with it, like Evan Robertson has with his Literature-inspired Fine Art Illustrations, I am a captive audience. One of my favourites is the illustration […]

Booklover Bites – Movie Versions of Books

One Day Movie

  I have always been hesitant to watch the movie versions of books I have read and loved because: – I am worried the movie will not live up to my expectations. – That the casting will not align with the characters as seen in my mind while reading. – That they will change the […]