Booklover Mailbox – Ann Turner and Adrian McKinty

lost swimmer

  The Lost Swimmer by Ann Turner Booktopia – Kobobooks – Book Depository I stumbled across The Lost Swimmer (release date 1  June 2015, Simon & Schuster) on NetGalley and after watching Aussie author Ann Turner discussing it (below) I thought ‘I have to read this!’. Cannot wait. In The Morning I’ll Be Gone by Adrian McKinty Audible – Book Depository – Amazon – […]

Booklover Mailbox – Moyes, Compton-Burnett, MacManus, Lenton and Elizondo


I welcomed five titles into my home this fortnight: Darkness and Day by Ivy Compton-Burnett Amazon This sounds like the perfect title to kick off my reading for the Black to the Classics Challenge – originally published in 1951, now available in ebook. Review copy courtesy of Endeavour Press. Endless Love by James MacManus Amazon Having read a […]

Booklover Mailbox – Winslow, Lethem, Nash, Johnston


I welcomed four titles into my home this fortnight:   The Red House by Emily Winslow Book Depository – Booktopia – Kobobooks I was captivated by Winslow’s previous literary crime thriller set in Cambridge featuring detectives Frohmann and Keene, The Start of Everything, so am eager to see what mysteries they unravel in this latest release The Red House. Review […]

Booklover Mailbox – Geraldine Wooller, Malla Nunn and Charlotte Wood

Trio by Geraldine Wooller

Here are the titles I welcomed into my home the last few weeks: Trio by Geraldine Wooller Celia, Marcia, and Mickey meet and become friends in London. Searching for work and success in the theatre, they end up sharing a flat and a deep bond of friendship. Set in Italy, London and Australia from the sixties to […]

Booklover Mailbox – Loase, Edeson and Bedford

The Power of Uncertainty by John Loase

Here are the review titles we’ve received at Booklover Book Reviews during the last fortnight: The Power of Uncertainty: A Case for the Liberal Arts by Dr John F Loase “… demonstrates the positive effects of recognizing and appreciating the illumination we could experience in recognizing and admitting uncertainty in all human endeavors. This valuable new book illuminates uncertainty in […]

Booklover Mailbox – Green, Lackberg, Tozer and Womersley


Here are the titles that I welcomed into my home this week: The Curse of the Lonesome Mariner is the latest release from Mark Green, the author of The Travel Auction. Harry Straight doesn’t want any complications in his life. Recently divorced, he’s about to set sail on a small boat along England’s south coast in […]