Book Beginning – SIGNIFICANCE by Lise Sonntag

Significance SynopsisSignificance by Lise Sonntag

In the middle of a freezing German winter, the chair of mathematics at a venerable university is murdered in an apparently motiveless crime. Inspector Falco Baumgarten of the Leipzig Polizeidirektion finds himself embroiled in a mystery that refuses to be unravelled, until a chance meeting with pattern recognition expert Professor Antje Bach reveals a series of connections that will lead to an extraordinary discovery.

Blending science and philosophy, fact and fiction – ‘Significance’ is both a fascinating tour of scientific history and a cunning who-dunnit, all set in one of Europe’s great cities as it comes to terms with life after the fall of the Berlin wall. (Amazon)

The Book Beginning is:

The eyes were open – the expression one of mild surprise. The sort of face you pull when you find your keys in your left jacket pocket instead of the right where you normally put them. Perplexing but not the end of the world. For the man in the dumpster, however, it was most definitely the end of the world and the person responsible had done a thorough job. The absence of the rest of the cranium produced the impression of a mask, thrown away after a carnival party.

I just had to share this opening – it sure grabbed my attention. Hard hitting with a touch of irony that appeals to me.

I can only hope the rest of the novel Significance from this relatively unknown author Lise Sonntag is just as good.

Find out more about Significance by Lise Sonntag (Amazon | B&N )

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  1. says

    I live in Leipzig and heard of this book before Christmas. Have since bought and read it and it has such a wonderful local feel to it. The author has really captured some of the sentiments of the DDR and the people who were thrown into it and then out of it again, without overlooking the view of the West Germans who deign to venture East. And that’s besides the gripping plot… Does anybody know if Lise Sonntag has published anything else set in Leipzig?

    • says

      Rachael – I was really impressed by this novel too (my review coming soon). I cannot find a lot of information about Lise Sonntag nor any other titles published at this time. She is a talent worth following. I will try and find out more, and perhaps even feature an author interview if I can arrange it. Stay tuned…

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