Teaser Tuesday – TALKING TO THE DEAD by Harry Bingham

Talking to the Dead Synopsis

Talking to the Dead by Harry BinghamFor rookie detective constable Fiona Griffiths, her first major investigation promises to be a tough initiation. A young woman and her six-year-old daughter have been found brutally murdered in a squalid flat, the single clue a platinum credit card belonging to a millionaire businessman who died in a plane crash six months before. For her fellow cops, it’s just another case of a low-rent prostitute meeting the wrong kind of client and coming to a nasty end, but Fiona is convinced that the tragic lives and cruel deaths of this mother and daughter are part of a deeper, darker mystery.

Fiona, however, has secrets of her own. She is still recovering from a crushing psychological breakdown, and the feelings that haunt her are constantly threatening to undermine the mask of normality she has learned to wear. As she begins to piece together a bizarre and terrifying conspiracy, Fiona finds that what makes her vulnerable also gives her a unique insight into the secrets of the dead, and in solving the murders she can begin to start solving the riddles of her own past. (Audible)

My teaser:

I find Jane a bit scary if truth be told – the sort of person who always manages to find outfits that are seasonable and fashionable, but also affordable and sensible, simultaneously professional and CID-ish yet at the same time gently calling attention to her gym-bunny physique. Plus, her hair is always immaculately blow-dryed, plus she never gets food stains on things, plus she doesn’t make perfectly helpful witnesses cry for no reason. And I bet she can go for years at a time without knee-capping perverts. (Chapter 9, Audio)

This is probably going to sound premature given I am only half way through listening to this audiobook, but I highly recommend you get yourself a copy for those Christmas holiday road trips coming up!

Harry Bingham’s narrator in Talking to the Dead, DC Fiona Griffiths, is full of surprises and the narration by Siriol Jenkins is a pleasure to listen to – calm, crisp and clear.

I normally just listen to the audiobook I have on the go while driving, but I am enjoying this one so much I am finding myself listening to it while at home too. It is has it all – darkness and light, both horrific and laugh out loud moments and a complex mystery that has me hooked.

Find out more about this book Talking to the Dead by Harry Bingham (Amazon | The Nile – Aus | Kobobooks)

Looking forward to reading your teasers!

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading.

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