Book Beginning – THE SCREAM by Laurent Graff

The Scream by Laurent GraffThe Scream Synopsis

The Scream starts as sci-fi and ends as a realization that despair can shape the world to the point where it becomes unrecognizable. Through Laurent Graff’s irreproachable style, the reader gets trapped in the painfully poetic world embodied by the empty highway; a metaphor which unfolds until the point where reality becomes stranger and indeed crueler than fiction. (Amazon)

The Book Beginning is:

There are less and less cars. Yesterday, I clocked four hundred customers. They can hardly be bothered to wind down the window to pay. They frown at you, or look annoyed. They leave without a word – not even a thank you, no goodbye. I know the toll booth’s not the best place to chat but it’s the least you’d expect.

The Scream is the recently released English translation by Cheryl Robson & Claire Alejo of the French title Le Cri by Laurent Graff first published in 2006. The prose is hypnotic, like watching a disaster in slow motion behind protective glass – powerful stuff.

Find out more about The Scream by Laurent Graff (Amazon | TheNile – Aus)

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  1. says

    Love the opening. I suspect anyone who has ever worked in customer service would be able to identify, lol. I’m interested to read the book and find out what the metaphor is.

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