Book Beginnings – ELZA’S KITCHEN by Marc Fitten

Elza's Kitchen by Marc FittenElza’s Kitchen Synopsis

For years, Elza has gotten by. A divorcee out of culinary school, she started her own little restaurant in the mid-size Hungarian city of Delibab, and she’s grown a decent business, cooking quality versions of Hungarian classics and serving them with a smile. But lately her smile has gotten tired. Her loveless affair with her sous-chef has become an irritation. She’s getting sick of the same old dishes and the same old customers. And in these nascent years of capitalism, it will take some competition – both personal and professional – to make her see that her restaurant, and her happiness, are worth fighting for.

Marc Fitten fell in love with Hungary after years spent living there, and his second novel is a celebration of its culture and cuisine, as well as a portrait of a woman and her country in transition. (Amazon)

The Book Beginning is:

Elza woke alone. Alone and distraught over it.

I did not read Marc Fitten’s first novel, Valeria’s Last Stand, but read lots of positive reviews so I was excited to receive this next title of his from Bloomsbury for review.

It is early days but so far I am enjoying the slightly offbeat and direct prose.

Find out more about this novel – Elza’s Kitchen by Marc Fitten ( Amazon | TheNile – Aus | Kobobooks )

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  1. says

    Mystica, Juli – The Eastern European setting is as much a part of the story as the goings on in Elza’s restaurant.

    Laurel – Yes, the writing style is very direct, much like the main character.

    Chris – I’m thinking the use of ‘kitchen’ in her title has at least two references. The first very direct – the restaurant she runs is her life. The second – kitchen is used as a metaphor, along the lines of ‘in life we reap what we sew’.

    Sandra, Tammi – The descriptions of food are mouth watering.

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