I was hijacked!

My Google account was hijacked overnight and the faceless offender sent hundreds of emails to everyone I’d ever sent an email to. Google, noticing suspicious activity, then took my blog down.

So when I logged on a few hours ago, just quickly typing in my blog URL, instead of my blog I found a page saying that Booklover Book Reviews had been closed down!! Boy, did I have kittens….

Suffice to say, I’ve now run every security check under the sun on my computer and spent hours resetting all passwords, regaining control of my Google account and hence my blog.

To anyone that received strange emails from my gmail account, my apologies, but it wasn’t me!

And for anyone that tried unsuccessfully to access Booklover Book Reviews during the last 12 hours – I am back online and not going anywhere :)

What did I learn from this experience? Don’t get complacent with resetting passwords and security checks on your computer. Oh, and back-up your blog often…. it had been a while since I’d done mine and that contributed to much of my initial panic this morning!

Here is how to back up Blogger templates, posts and comments in two-simple steps.

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  1. says

    Glad everything's okay! I got a bit worried when I saw your blog no longer existed this morning! Just checked…and I did receive a strange e-mail from you 😉 I've never backed up my blog…not entirely sure how to…but now I'm worried!

  2. Booklover Book Reviews says

    No need to worry about the actual process of backing up your blog, it's really simple. I've just written a 'how to' post on it. Changing our passwords regularly is probably the key I think… what I had been a little complacent with, but won't be anymore!

  3. says

    That feeling of seeing your blog gone is terrifying isn't it! I tend to back up once every couple of months. Hopefully that is regularly enough.

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