Calling all sticky beaks to the Scene of the Blog…

A little while ago Cathy from Kittling: Books asked if I would be interested in participating in her popular weekly feature, Scene of the Blog.

While I am never going to be brave enough to do a vlog or even podcast, I figured why not show you all a few photos of the scene of Booklover Book Reviews.

So, if you are a little sticky beak (Aussie lingo for ‘curious person’) like me… aren’t we all at heart… follow this link to Kittling: Books – Scene of the Blog – Booklover Book Reviews.

A big thank you to Cathy for inviting me to her corner of the blogosphere!

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  1. says

    Wow what a lovely study you have! I do my blogging on the loungeroom couch in between feeding and entertaining my little boy – peace and tranquility it is NOT! but I love it all the same and wouldn't have it any other way :-)

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